Aunshul Rege

I am an Assistant Professor with the Criminal Justice Department at Temple University. I received my PhD from the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University in May 2012.

My PhD research explored cybercrimes against critical infrastructures. A nationís critical infrastructure includes those socio-economic entities (transportation, telecommunications, power plants, water supply systems, emergency services) that are crucial to its everyday functioning and security. With the proliferation of technology, critical infrastructures have become computerized and interconnected, making them vulnerable to cybercrimes that compromise, alter, and/or steal sensitive data. My interests in critical infrastructure research includes offender decision-making, dynamic crime scripts, and criminal organization and operation.

Other research interests include the hybridity of crime; environmental criminology and offender decision-making; critical infrastructure protection; terrorism, security, and social control; international organized crime; corporate crime; and media portrayls of cybercrime.

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Please note that I cannot take on any more undergraduate students till Summer 2015

Buster (my companion) and I are Associate Members of Therapy Dog International. We get to visit nursing homes, hospitals, other institutions and wherever else therapy dogs are needed. I am also an active blood doner with the American Red Cross. They have frequent blood drives on Temple campus.


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